Woodstock Child Care – To Live, Learn, Grow!

Who are we?

Woodstock Child Care has been serving local communities for over 10 years! With a focus on empowering and exploring the many talents of kids and their unique individuality, Woodstock Child Care is second to none when it comes to leaving parents with peace of mind!

Read more about our holistic approach to early learning from our Director, Dianne Abraham.

Our Results Speak for themselves!

Our award-winning service has attracted over 1600 families since inception! Woodstock Child Care provides an impeccable service across many locations in Sydney, with a brand new centre recently opened at Opal!


Our Program

Our program has been carefully designed by our leaders to include all the elements necessary for holistic development. Generally a day consists of the following:

  1. Welcome
  2. A Healthy Snack
  3. Explore and Discover (music, art, school readiness, construction etc)
  4. Mealtime
  5. Rest and Relaxation
  6. A Healthy Snack
  7. Free Play
  8. Farewell

For more information regarding our menu and food options, please read our

Summer Menu For 2018/19 (click to view)

Educational Program

At Woodstock, our children are encouraged to be thinkers, explorers, communicators and problem solvers. Children are active participants in our play-based program which supports their social, physical, emotional and cognitive development, and nurtures their language and literacy skills. We value the role of the environment as a ‘third teacher’, and incorporate natural play spaces in both the indoor and outdoor areas. We are passionate about our diverse curriculum which ensures inclusivity for all children.

Indoor Play Areas

Children have the opportunity to engage with a variety of play spaces which are planned weekly according to the interests, goals and strengths of the children, and inspired by the family and local community. Play spaces include loose parts, socio dramatic play, creative arts, language and literacy centres, STEM and construction.

Outdoor Play

The outdoor play area welcomes children’s exploration and promotes a deep understanding of each child’s role in caring for the natural environment. In this space children learn to contribute to and become connected with, their world.

In this space children’s senses are evoked through sand play, water play and gardening. They develop gross motor skills and spatial awareness when climbing the obstacle course, riding their bikes and playing ball games.

School Readiness

School readiness skills are continuously being developed throughout our services from the moment
children enter our doors. Independence, resilience, sense of agency and self-help skills are
supported throughout the day. In addition to this, in the year before school, children engage in a
planned school readiness program designed by a team of early childhood leaders. This program
further develops:

  • Language and literacy skills
  • Numeracy skills
  • Fine motor coordination and skills
  • Concentration and emotional maturity
  • Social maturity and independence

The school readiness program is integrated into indoor and outdoor play enabling children of all ages
to further develop these skills.

What The Parents Say

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